Studio Space 2016

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates since New Year, I only went back to University on the 18th so just getting settled in at the moment. Also working on a project in my spare time which I am excited to tell you guys about later on in the week/month.

So this semester is essentially a form of continuation from last semester. I am in my same space in Studio 514A and we have some newcomers to the studio as well as some exchange students which should be interesting! We have our practical module again and instead of an elective module this time we have to work on our essay proposals which will essentially be beginning our 4th year dissertation of 7000 words! I should be fine though considering I always complain about the word count not being long enough.

As you can see from the picture, not a lot up at the minute. There was a bunch of research/writing/print outs which have now been taken off and are destined for the ‘research’ sketchbook. Just some smoke paintings and some photographs taken at the Museum Services (will do a separate blog post on these!)

Continuing with themes of spirituality/mentality/mindset but still haven’t come to any solid conclusion and am mainly playing about with materials. Lots of A.C.E.S projects on the go this month as well so lots keep me busy.

Have been thinking of giving the blog a facelift for a while now (new header, menus etc) so will get on to that in the coming months and I am going to try and keep it more active (i.e at least 1 post a week, if not more – always at 7am GMT.) It helps me to keep track of my progress and if you guys enjoy reading them then it is a bonus! Here’s to the next post… :)


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