Week 12: Talking about your work…

On Tuesday this week I presented a five minute presentation about my work so far this semester. It was a really nerve-wracking experience but it was a great opportunity to show off my project and showcase my work so far. I think everyone has this experience where they get extremely nervous before speaking in front of a crowd of people. I feel this is because sometimes you feel as if you may be judged for the way you present and not your ideas. The important thing to remember if – especially if you are in university – that you are never alone in this and everyone experiences nerves at some point. I read a great quote from Mark Twain which says:

‘There are two types of speakers: Those who get nervous and those who are liars.’

It helps if you are prepared as you can feel less nervous knowing that you have the knowledge to get you through the talk. I felt nervous beginning the talk but as I started speaking the nerves gradually melted away and I became more focused on trying to get all of my points across in the allotted time slot which was 5 minutes.

The rest of this week I have been focussing on tidying up my dissertation and making some small maquettes for my next talk on Wednesday. I feel like it will be slightly more informal though so I hope my nerves aren’t as bad. I will update on here next week to show some of my models and studio space as we end the semester.

Below are the slides which I used for my presentation.

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