Week 10: Progress

This week has been pretty busy.

Monday I had my 17th session at the care home – this week we painted cut-outs of teapots. I haven’t had a session in a while so it was nice to get back and see everyone.

Tuesday I had a meeting with my tutor about my dissertation. It’s going pretty well, I just need to find the time to read and write more but i’m getting more involved with my practical work now so this a bit harder. That was early morning, then around lunchtime I had my first tutorial with Eddie Summerton who is the leader of 4th year contemporary art practice. He was really nice and showed me the link to some cheap light boxes, so I guess that’s always an option if the acrylic doesn’t work out.

On Wednesday I took my acrylic down to the Make Lab to test and see if the light would shine through like I wanted. Luckily enough it did! Although the piece of Acrylic I tested was only A2, it will be much larger for my final pieces. I’m thinking now of possibly having them in a square format, so I can show the complete circle of intricacy as opposed to having to cut the image off for a rectangle. I think the maximum the laser cutter can take is 1m x 1m so I might look into the cost of having those made.

On Wednesday night Aces had it’s annual Digifolio introduction class, it went really well and gave everyone the basic idea of how to put a digifolio together, and what successful digifolios looked like.

On Friday I took my piece of acrylic down to the Make Lab and started etching onto it with the help of Rob who works there. Just seeing the size of the laser cutter make me realise how big I want the etchings to be – almost human-sized (well, at least A0.) The tests turned out really well, one of the technicians was great at explaining how to work the laser cutter. I’m so excited to get back tomorrow and make some more :)

Here’s to the next busy week…

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