Week 16: Late blog post, frame decisions and videos!

As I predicted, this week has been incredibly busy. In fact I was in every day this week from early to late so i’m pretty tired this weekend!

Tuesday I had a tutorial with Eddie Summerton and it was really insightful. I was starting to overthink my frame concepts way too much this week. He told me just to keep it simple, and I liked this idea as all the other frame concepts weren’t sitting right with me. I feel sometimes as an emerging artist it is important to stay true to yourself and how you feel. If something is niggling you and just doesn’t feel good then it’s probably a good idea to listen to your instincts. So the frames are to be kept minimalistic and simple, so as not to detract from the delicate intricacies of the etching.

On Wednesday I went down to the wood workshop and showed them a concept of how I want the frames to look. They were extremely helpful and completely on board with my idea. I’m not the best at woodwork so it’s probably a good thing they are there to help.

On Monday and Friday I was in the Make Lab all day. Monday I etched my last few test pieces and on Friday I etched one of my final pieces. The final piece came out far more detailed than any I had done so far which pleased me as I didn’t think the image would scale up particularly well, although I was hoping it would.

I said last week I would upload some videos which I have managed to do (apologies in advance for the vertical filming but it was easier to hold my phone this way). They show three stages of the laser etching process. 1) Laser etching 2) Cleaning the etching with a brush and 3) Cleaning the etching with alcohol. They all show different etchings but it gives you an idea of the process. There are also some photographs of one of my final large pieces which I am really pleased with! Will keep you all updated next week :)

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