Week 13: Talking about your work… again. Plus Bonus Studio Space update!

Apologies for being a few days late in this update – i’ve definitely fallen into ‘holiday mode’ and relaxed a bit too much… oops.

Week 13 was spent in preparation for the final assessment part of this semester – even though it was more about explaining your work and not an ‘official’ assessment –  like feedback seeing as we have not completed a project and are half way to degree show.

It was a 20 minute session with my tutor Louise and Phil Brahman (who I had never met before – really lovely though) in which we had to explain our work – I guess in more detail than we did the previous week as obviously there is only so much we can say in 5 minutes. It was also a chance to show them the work in person and let them see how the light reacted to the acrylic.

I set up my studio space as I wanted to have it for presentation. I had all of my latest photographic manipulations on the wall to show them, also notes and small photographs about the laser cutter I had been using. On my desk I had my sketchbook which I have been keeping all of my research notes and images in – open specifically on the section on Alzheimer’s disease and the tangles caused by plaque buildup.

Also on the table was a strip of leds that I borrowed from the Make Lab which I was able to turn on and shine the light through the acrylic panels.

To the left of my desk was a small area I had set up with my maquettes stationed on it –  little cardboard models I had made of how I potentially want to show my work at degree show. Along with that there were drawings of how I would potentially make them in the wood workshop.

So i’m just waiting for feedback now… until then i’m doing slight edits to my dissertation and relaxing. It is almost Christmas after all.




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