Weeks 11-16: 2018 Quick New Year Update

Hi WordPress, it’s been a while. I have been very busy but I figured I should post a small update on what has been happening since I last wrote.

There wasn’t much to share last semester once I had finished my sculpture, it was the last large piece of work that I made before concentrating on the humanities module essay. I don’t mind writing, but I tend to procrastinate sometimes (especially with blog posts!). I managed to shut myself in the library and write away so I was quite pleased I overcame my apathetic tendencies.

After the essay hand in our course had a small get together called ‘Winter Tales’. We displayed some work and had some drinks and festivities so it was a pleasant break from all the essay writing.

Then we had our studio work assessment which involved presenting our work in the studio to the head of our course and a few lecturers. I usually hate anything involving public speaking so I was really proud of how well I did. I think my meditation has been helping as I tried to channel the nerves into excitement and it seemed to pay off and I appeared to come across well. I ended up with a great mark for both my essay and studio work.

Still getting back in to the swing of things with this semester, so expect a very in depth update at the end of next week (weeks 17 and 18). I have some great progress that I will divulge soon… see you next week!

Studio as it looked for assessment. Finished large ink drawing included.

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