Holiday Update: Dissertation and an App called Forest.

Uni starts back tomorrow, I can’t believe how quickly the holidays have gone! I managed to get a pretty good rest and recharge my ideas for this semester – it’s going to be unbelievably busy. My dissertation is finally finished, printed and ready to hand in tomorrow so i’m super pleased. I can’t believe i’ve been writing it for a whole year now. I feel I did a lot of research and covered a lot of points so I hope it shows. I thoroughly believe that art therapy can help people suffering with dementia as I have seen first hand the effects that it can have – I just hope the examiner sees this too.

One of the aspects that I had trouble with when writing the dissertation was keeping focused. I was always getting a notification or two on my phone and this distracted me from my writing flow. Someone recommended an app called Forest to me and I can honestly say it helps. It works by setting a certain time that you want to stay focused for, say, one hour. It then counts down whilst growing a tree. If you look at any other app your tree dies, giving you incentive to keep going. It also gives you little messages like ‘put your phone down’ which can be quite amusing. I think it helps being able to break up your writing into small manageable chunks instead of an overwhelming three hour slot. I’ll place some photos in the post as it’s a lot easier to see than explain.

That’s all for now. I’m excited to get back and throw myself into work again as I want to get ahead and not be panicking come degree show time. Blog updates will now resume every Sunday at 7am so look out for them :)

2 thoughts on “Holiday Update: Dissertation and an App called Forest.

  1. Good luck with your dissertation. I was interested to learn that this is for a Bachelors degree, and not a Doctorate. Here, in America, you write a dissertation that must be defended before a panel of professors. It’s like a jury. You learn later if it is accepted or you must revise or start over. Do you do that there? Will this be all you need to be a licensed art therapist? Are they licensed in Scotland?

    Well young lady, good luck with all of this. Have enjoyed following you (and I will continue to do so). Did I mention that I am a registered nurse, who, if I was not pushing 70 years old, would be going back to school to become an art therapist. I believe in this whole heartedly. My only son died ten years ago at the age of 26. It was unexpected and so tragic I am firmly convinced I would not be alive myself today had I not had an outlet for my grief and rage. Art saved me. I just think what you are doing is so wonderful, so helpful, so important, and so desperately needed. I admire you so much.

    Again, good luck. When do WE get to read it? Patsye

    • Hi Patsye. The course I am taking is Contemporary Art Practice which is a Bachelors Degree. This dissertation is 25% of our overall degree (the rest being practical artwork creation.) So it isn’t an art therapy degree, but we can write about what interests us so I chose art therapy as I have been volunteering helping those with dementia through art for a year. There is an art therapy Masters Degree in Edinburgh which I considered but it is very expensive and would leave me in a lot of debt! I’m still considering what I want to do once I graduate but art therapy is an avenue which interests me greatly. That must have been truly heartbreaking for you, I’m sorry to hear. I know art has helped me through some very tough times too. I will upload it here once I get my degree (I think there is a rule about publishing it online before your degree is marked.) Thank you so much for taking an interest, it is greatly appreciated and it’s nice to know someone reads these posts :) Amy

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