Week 17: Woodwork, learning curve and first maquette!

This week has been so busy. I know I say this every week but I am always surprised how much I have to do in comparison to third year. When I was in third year I thought i’d have everything together and be the most organised fourth year ever, but obviously that’s not the case.

This week’s aim was to finish a maquette. And not the cardboard maquettes that I have made in previous weeks, but an A2 maquette made from wood and acrylic, with my L.E.Ds inside. So Monday morning I headed down to the wood workshop after having previously spoken to them last week.

I had not realised just quite how how complicated my frame was to make, nor how much time it would take to make it. I am also very inexperienced at woodwork and so it took me a while to learn how to make joints, drill and screw again.

It also took the Make Lab a long time to wire up the boxes which I had not anticipated. This means that they will likely take longer than I thought to make, as these are just the test pieces. I did learn a lot from making them though, and I am glad I have taken the time to do these as it saves me from making the mistakes in the final works.

As it was a very stressful week i went to see a friend who was encouraging art participation this week – Shannon Murray. She is exploring children’s art and her degree show will consist of a giant pom-pom! So I helped with the pom-pom making and it turned out to be very therapeutic, as repetitive actions can be – rather like my Enso drawing I did last year.

Here are some pictures and a video – I only managed to get one segment of the frame finished but I m hoping to finish the other two next week.


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