Weeks 22-24: Essay and Philosophy Hand In

Last time I updated I was in the middle of writing my second and final Humanities essay. I’m happy to say now that I have handed this essay in :) I did rather enjoy reading about Death and Photography as a subject but there was no denying the fact I was happy when I finally was able to hit that submit button. It’s strange to think that is the last full length essay/dissertation I will hand in for this course!

After the essay was submitted I could finally work on what I was going to present as my philosophy module hand-in. I already had the stacks of acrylic etched and my initial idea was to stand them up and shine a light through all three stacks. This just didn’t feel right however so I had a little play about with how I wanted to present them. I borrowed a plinth which I had painted white and started to explore the options for presenting. Initially I wanted to use the white surface of the plinth but this presented a few problems – 1) the surface was quite rough and didn’t allow the smooth edges of the acrylic to sit right and so they were falling over every couple of seconds and 2) it just looked too plain. I then remembered the large etched piece of mirror acrylic I was working on and figured that might solve both of these problems. It also allowed for the light to reflect both in and onto the wall, giving another layer to the piece. I extended the etching by turning it into a hand drawing onto the plinth, giving the illusion of expansion of the shadows. In the end I like the way it turned out, I think it really captures Freud’s concepts of the consciousness model in a non-literal sense while still leaving enough room for ambiguity. 

We are on our Easter break at the moment which has been nice to get a bit of breathing space before we start back on the week beginning the 23rd. Here are some images of what I’ve been up to the past few weeks!


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