Week 1: Starting Fourth Year…

Wow, it’s been a while since i’ve written anything on this blog! I needed to recharge my batteries for the year ahead over the summer so I hope you’ll all forgive me for lack of content. Also apologies for posting this late (7am is my usual post time) but i’ve been doing research all day and wanted to write a bit about why today was so special.

Today was the start of my fourth and final year of my Fine Art degree. It seems so crazy, I remember how nervous and scared I was on my first day, now DJCAD has become like a second home to me and I don’t want to leave! Of course this means the degree show countdown has begun – a mildly terrifying yet exciting thought. We have essentially two parts to this year – 1) A body of work which will accumulate to form our degree show presentation and 2) A 7000 word dissertation on the topic of our choosing. I will write a bit more later in the week about what I am looking at but for now here’s a photograph of my new studio space and the view from the corridor (a lovely view of the art school and the Tay rail Bridge – for once a photograph doesn’t do it justice!).


View 2016.jpgNew Studio 2016.jpg

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