Week 7: New experiments and ideas!

This week I had my second tutorial with Matthew Dalziel which went really well again! I talked to him about my ideas to put the photographs into light boxes which I am excited about, I feel as though it will add a new life and dimension to the images. I experimented with techniques that I used in The Panmure Series in 2014 and focused my idea in on to abstract representations of plaque build up in the brain of dementia sufferers. Tomorrow I am going back into the museum to take better quality photographs. I also came up with a few more ideas to make the images relate more to the subject of dementia:

  1. Incorporating some poetry and writing i’ve been doing into the images. I want it to be obvious but quite small so you have to really concentrate and focus in on the image to read the phrases.
  2. Incorporate some forget-me-nots into the images. I find this idea quite poignant but also subtle and I quite like this phrasing as possibly the title of my degree show 

So a good productive week. I feel like everything is coming together nicely. You might have noticed but the website has had a bit of a revamp. I now have a static front page with a separate page for my blog posts which I feel is more professional. This means I can show my latest work on the home page without blog posts clogging up the look. So here’s to the week ahead :) The photographs below are some sections of the images I have been working on.

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