Degree Show 2017: After the Storm

So that was degree show. That crazy, week long event that these last four years has been leading up to. It’s safe to say that the last couple of months have been truly crazy, even for me. It worked out so well that on the opening night of degree show it was the last time I had to go to the hospital to get my wound packed. 40 days in total. So there was a double celebration of sorts, I was the happiest I had been in ages.

It was strange standing waiting on everyone to arrive and there was a sort of tentative moment where you think no one will come. The opening night was 6pm-9pm and it was great because in the fading light of day my frames began to truly glow. The reaction I had to them was unbelievable, more than I could have ever expected. It’s fair to say that most people were attracted to our room by the light of the frames – similar to a moth, people couldn’t seem to help themselves and some even said they skipped past other studios to come to ours first which was quite a compliment. The room became so busy at one point with so many people that the frames started to wobble a bit, but there was no chance they would fall. Still, I did a little check of all the transformers every so often and checked the soundtrack was still playing. So many people told me my work was their favourite piece out of the whole show and I was thrilled that people could relish in it as much as I did. Everyone loved to walk around them, touch them and see them shimmer which meant the next morning I was out with my cleaning spray and microfibre cloths, but totally worth every minute. I think the frames have an element of magic about them – these images are suspended in seemingly nothing with no obvious light source. One of the main questions I was asked, actually, was how they were lit – my favourite answer was ‘by magic’ and that always went down well with kids especially. At the end of the night I had a big smile on my face and two very sore feet from my new heels!

Throughout the week it was great as I sat in my studio every single day I had a chance to speak to everyone in depth who visited. So many interesting individuals, many of whom had personally sought out my studio to speak to me after seeing me on the news – which, the way here’s the link to if you haven’t seen it. I got to talk to people from all walks of life  – doctors, carers, scientists and gallery owners. I was thrilled that my main message about dementia managed to get through to everyone. I had a carer tell me that I had hit the nail on the head with my vinyl words, and she became quite emotional when telling me of her sister. The main comment I had was that the frames themselves were a beautiful piece of art but that the message and ideas behind them made them all the more poignant which made me really happy.

 The week was so successful that by the end of it I had 6 gallery offers and 2 exhibition invitations. In the middle of the week I had a lovely couple who came in to purchase my maquette, and I was a little sad to see it go but happy it was going to such an art-loving household.

This Tuesday I went in to clear the room and take all of my vinyl letters off which was a fairly sad moment. Considering the effort it took to place them on the wall they came off horrendously easily and I had to have a chuckle to myself thinking of the hassle it took to place them on there. My frames were packed up carefully for their next journey.

Overall I was thrilled that the whole degree show went exactly how I had planned it, despite me being so seriously ill during the month previous and run up to degree show. I can’t wait to have a bit of a break and actually rest, something I’ve not had a chance to do properly since I have left the hospital.

So what now you might be asking? Well I have some very exciting news to share with you all in the coming weeks. Put it this way, this is definitely not the last blog post you’ll read on this site that’s for sure ;)     

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