Weeks 27 + 28: Back On Track

So Week 27 was pretty much the same as the last couple of weeks. Struggling to walk, a lot of pain and hardly eating.

Week 28 however was a different story. My open wound is still huge but it has stopped showing signs of infection and is running clear. I started to feel much better, my walking is great now and my muscle is building up again slowly but surely. My appetite has come back and I can now sit without it hurting a lot. I’m trying to have a lot of protein and calcium to put weight back on as I’ve lost a lot after the surgery. Unfortunately I will still need to have the wound packed every day for probably another 4 weeks at the very least. On a positive note though it has stopped hurting as much and just feels like a strange sort of pressure now, so a lot more tolerable than the nail-digging pain I’ve had up until now.

All of this of course, means that I was able to get back into uni. I’ve only been going in for a couple of hours at a time (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.) At first I really struggled because my muscles weren’t used to the stairs but now I’m getting a lot better. I had meetings with Eddie and Louise my tutor, but I don’t think I will need extra help with anything as my work seems to be on track.

On Thursday I managed with the help of Rob the Make Lab technician, to cut all of my vinyl letters ready to be put on the wall of my degree show space. I’ve also sorted out where all the electrical points are going in the space.

This week coming is exciting as I should get into my degree show space towards the end of the week, meaning I can start (with my helpers) to paint the space and clean it ready for install. Tomorrow I am having my wound packed at 12pm then heading straight for uni to work on getting my frames all finished for this week.

I also got in touch with the doctor who saved my life – Dr Anjali Patil – this week. It’s pretty exciting because hopefully she’ll be able to come and see my work at degree show – something which, if she hadn’t recognised the symptoms of sepsis, I would never have been able to attend. I think it’s really began to sink in that I will make it and will hopefully be feeling great by the time opening night arrives. I’m so excited again for the show, I can’t wait to see my work all finished.





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