Week 11: Almost there…

Well we’re almost at the Christmas holidays. Almost. So near, yet so far. Week 12 and 13 bring fresh challenges in the form of presentations: one in a lecture theatre, one in the studio, culminating our research and progress from this first semester in order to gain feedback and suggestions to take forward into next semester and ultimately the degree show.

 I think i’m back to being stressed again. With the lecture theatre presentations looming next week (i.e on Tuesday – one full day away) I’ve got that creeping feeling of despair crawling into my mind.

But enough of that. Let’s focus on the positives.

I started off the beginning of the week by trying new images on the laser cutter – i’ve made so many new images in my never-ending search for an image that represents the individuals I work with. I have decided – not only are they abstract representations of plaque build up in the brain – they are also going to represent each individual I have worked with. Think of it as an unconventional portrait as I cannot use pictures of faces for confidentiality purposes.

I had another tutorial with my tutor Louise on Tuesday. We talked over the L.E.Ds and she made some pretty good suggestions about how to keep the subtlety in the images. We both decided that although the coloured L.E.Ds are nice, the white adds an extreme delicateness to the images and also picks up the finer detail far better as the original etching is white.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I did nothing. I had half a week off. Now you might be saying to yourselves – what! That is preposterous! You knew you had all of these presentations to do and you did nothing!

And well, you would be right. Except I needed a break. I was burnt out. As I have been working most Saturdays too (and I love it – don’t get me wrong) I don’t really have time to chill at the weekend as Sunday is usually a comatose of sleep. And whilst I tried to do some of my dissertation on Thursday my brain just said no.

But it was the right thing to do. Yesterday (Saturday) I had Aces portfolio prep which was great.

And today… well today I finished my dissertation :) Okay so I still have to redraft a million times, properly write my whole bibliography, make a front cover and all that jazz – but the majority of the work is finished! And that is something that had been weighing me down for some time.

So now I can focus on making a maquette of possible degree show work and also concentrate on the points I want to get across in my presentations.

See you next week on the other side…



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