Week 23: No Voice, Still Made Frames

So here we are, another week and another blog post. I had to continue to put up with no voice this week, very annoying but however it’s kind of back now. The first half of the week I was still feeling very ill but tried to push through while on medication – not entirely great when you can’t communicate with anyone.

The main progress this week was on my frames. I finally managed to get all the wood ready for making, which included drilling and measuring to make sure I didn’t make any miscalculations. I’ve learnt a lot this past week about woodwork, which screws to use for certain wood etc which is great as I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Usually I would avoid woodwork but when a large part of my degree show involves it, it’s hard not to. On Thursday and Friday I made some really solid progress, producing a dry run of my frames without the LED lights to make sure everything fitted okay. I managed to make one full frame (three separate frames). I’ve decided to keep the cling wrap on them at the moment as I am hoping to minimise any chance of scratches on the acrylic panels. At the beginning of this week I managed to laser cut over the scratches so hopefully they on’t be as obvious to me anymore.

I’m so happy i’ve finally made the frames so I can see what they will look like in relation to size, and are a physical item now as opposed to an idea in my head.

This week will be more of the same, and hopefully I can maybe get my LEDs fitted at some point to see how it will look, but I am starting to feel more excited about everything now.

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