Week 21: Illness and Frustration… But Also Art!

So we’re one week closer to degree show and this week has been one of the most frustrating so far.

On Monday I came in during the afternoon as I had discussed with the wood workshop last week, but unfortunately they hadn’t had time to cut my wood to make frames yet, so that was kind of a wasted day, however they said I could come in Thursday instead. We also had a meeting to discuss where we are going to be displaying in our space for degree show. I am the space as soon as you enter the room with a large frosted glass window at the end – really happy with this decision, just hoping my L.E.Ds will show up okay.

I had the worst ‘sleep’ ever on Monday night and felt simultaneously hot and cold the entire night and gave up trying to sleep. I now know that this was the start of a horrendous throat infection that I currently have. Consequently this meant that I missed out on the Aces annual exhibition, which was incredibly frustrating as I had been looking forward to that for ages. I wouldn’t have been any use though, I felt like a zombie the whole of Tuesday due to lack of sleep and spent the whole day in bed feeling rather sorry for myself.

I felt slightly better on Wednesday after a full nights sleep and managed to make it up to the plastic shop to pick up my final piece of acrylic (thank goodness no more money has to be spent on that!) I dropped this off in the studio and attempted some photo editing for a while then ventured back home for some rest.

Thursday I came in on the promise of the wood workshop, only to discover that once again they hadn’t had time to cut it. This added to my frustration – I understand this is an incredibly busy time for them but I just feel if I had my wood cut I could put my frames together pretty quickly. So they wrote down all of my measurements again and promised I can start Tuesday, so I have my fingers crossed.

At the end of the week me and my boyfriend travelled into Edinburgh to see the RSA New Contemporaries Exhibition. We also visited the Scottish National Gallery behind the RSA and it was actually refreshing to see oil painters like Monet and Sargent – I miss painting. Despite me feeling rather under the weather I had a lovely time and it was a good end to a rather disappointing week. We also visited the National Museum of Scotland which was actually my favourite part – it was amazing and really interesting. We had a lot of fun and it brightened up my outlook.

Next week I will definitely have all of my acrylic sheets finished and depending on the speed of the wood workshop I might have started one of my frames which will be exciting.

It should be interesting to see how this week goes as my throat is currently on fire and i’m feeling pretty rough. I can’t afford to miss a day this week however as I have so much to do! Tune in to see my progress!


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