Week 5: Reading, reading and more reading.

Who said that art degrees are easy? This week was spent mainly reading books for research to help with my dissertation. I found out how to use the university library system to order books from the local hospital and even the British Library (only took me four years.) Because of the nature of my subject – dementia – some of the books are far too overly medical for what I need them for which is art therapy in an informal non-medical setting. Despite this, I have managed to find an amazing selection which really speak to me and are relevant to my needs, both from the research aspect and my workshops at the care home. I’ll add a photograph down below in case any of you want to read them for yourself.

This following week we are off for what is called – yes, you guessed it – READING week. Who knew. I plan to get most of my dissertation done in the following week so from there on out I can be adding in aspects of my practical research and small pieces of news that come out, therefore freeing up my time to do practical work. Theoretically this is a good plan. Theoretically.

dementia books.jpg

5 thoughts on “Week 5: Reading, reading and more reading.

    • We can choose whatever topic we like to focus on for our degree show. I’ve chosen dementia because I run art classes for elderly adults with alzheimer’s in my spare time. So both my dissertation and degree show are about dementia, hence the reading! The etchings in my latest posts are abstract representations of plaque build up in the brain of dementia sufferers. I will most definitely look into art therapy as a career in the future. Thank you for reading and taking an interest :) more progress to come after Christmas!

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