Week 4: Don’t stress!

One month into degree year gone already – where did that go?!

I had my first tutorial with Matthew Dalziel on Monday, the other half of my main tutor Louise. It couldn’t have gone better. I think he really ‘got’ my ideas and what I was trying to portray with my practical work. For some reason I had been really stressing this week about how little practical work I had done and how i’d been spending lots of time on research. He confirmed that this is the right thing to do – I keep forgetting that we have two semesters this year for one project; usually everything has to be done in a one semester time slot. He told me not to stress and that all the research I had was great and it would lead me somewhere. He gave me some great tips on how to use my camera correctly to take photographs of the Herbarium in the museum, so now I’ll need to decide which plants I want to re-take.

Tuesday I did dissertation research and Wednesday I did practical research for my dissertation. This is my 10th month running art classes at a care home near Dundee. I can’t believe i’ve never mentioned this on the blog as i’ve mentioned it just about everywhere else. It started off as a one-off class last Christmas and i’ve been doing them about twice a month ever since give or take. Some of the residents that come have various forms of dementia so it gives me a good opportunity to gently try out art therapy techniques and see what works and what doesn’t. It’s what started my whole interest in dementia as a subject last year and my continuing voyage this year.

Thursday and Friday were spent doing practical work research and dissertation research respectively. So all in all a productive week. I feel like i’m a little bit closer in striking the practical/dissertation balance, although as my dissertation tutor told me: “You’ll probably find the right balance when you’ve finished it.” So that’s something.

I’ll put some photographs of various art sessions i’ve held down below so you can have a gander.

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