Week 9: New Ideas

In my last post I talked about how I was excited about using light boxes. I started looking into how much they cost this week and for what I wanted to achieve they didn’t look the best, plus they cost too much to have large ones made. On Monday I came up with the idea of etching the photographs onto clear acrylic and then illuminating one side therefore illuminating the etching. I ran this idea past my tutor and also the wonderful technicians in the DJCAD Make Lab. They were really enthusiastic about the idea and said it was completely plausible, so i’m pretty happy. They also suggested the concept of using proximity sensors in relation to the large etchings – meaning the light would change the closer a viewer got to the piece. I like this idea as it would almost represent changes in the brain, reacting to certain movements. I’ve ordered the LED lights and the acrylic so now I need to wait until it arrives to do a test piece. Of course this all could still change, but it’s an exciting and promising leap in the project and I love the idea of the acrylic etching as an original idea for degree show.

In other news, i’ve been editing some photographs of forget-me-nots to incorporate into the images. I’ve also started writing about my work in a draft of my personal statement. My tutor has yet to give me feedback on this so it could change but i’ll include an excerpt here:

“As a society we have a habit of closing our eyes and ears to the reality of living with this condition [dementia]. Like a beggar in the street we walk past with a blatant ignorance, neither stopping to glance, think nor speak.
I strive to address this: to walk the line between fragility and strength, exploring the boundaries of the human consciousness in a fusion of neurological knowledge and poignant emotional input. Neither subtle nor obvious, my work focuses on challenging the way we perceive this disease and the people who live with it, aspiring to inject humanity back into the scientific illustration of dementia.”
Me working on editing photographs. Also an update of my studio space!




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