Weeks 19, 20 + 21: Etching and Writing

This semester is mainly taken up with writing essays which unfortunately has taken most of my time away from making physical work at the moment. Even though I enjoy writing I prefer actually making, but I am definitely taking my time over this essay and trying to make it the best it can be. It is due at the end of this month so I would quite like to get it finished soon so I can focus on my philosophy practical work which is due April 4th.

Last month I submitted my philosophy work proposal which consisted of making a piece of work inspired by Sigmund Freud’s model of consciousness and the Ego. I proposed a piece of work created by stacking many layers of acrylic to create an almost 3D suspended drawing. I have just recently acquired some acrylic and I have been having lots of fun experimenting with a type of infinity mirror effect that is produced. I can’t wait to etch onto these once the writing is done!

In terms of my regular studio work I have been investing a lot of time into mirrored acrylic. There is something really nice about the reflection element of the surface that I have only briefly considered in my work before. I have also cut some wood to start constructing frames to hold my acrylic – my least favourite part of the whole process but I am hoping to get on top of it now because I seem to be making a lot of work! My studio space has stayed relatively the same but I have added a lot more drawings inspired by my second reiki session (which was as equally amazing as the first). I have finally removed all of semester one work from my space so it is all new work up on the walls now. In terms of reading I have been really getting into the work of Rudolph Steiner who saw art as a spiritual activity, it really slots in with the whole meditative trance drawings I have been making.

Hopefully next time I update the trials of writing will be over and I will have a lot more exciting work to show you – until then here are some progress pics:


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