Week 15: Laser Cutting at Sunrise.

This week has been a super busy one, I imagine they will only get busier as the weeks progress towards degree show.

On Monday and Wednesday I was in the Make Lab for the entire day. I made my last couple of acrylic laser cutter tests. One was to test out blending techniques in Photoshop and how that appeared after being etched, the other was to test out etching depth and speed, to see if that had any discernible affect on the final outcome.

Whilst the slower speed and deeper etching reduced the visibility of the etch lines, it also reduced the transparency of the overall image which I disliked. I feel the transparency offers a unique element so I would prefer to have the slightly more visible lines.

I had lots of videos to upload this week but it takes forever on Vimeo that I just never got around to doing it, but fear not I will try to have them uploaded for next week.

Tuesday I had a tutorial with my tutor Louise where we discussed further presentation options. This is something I hope to have finished by the end of this next week coming, I need to find some inspiration that balances between minimalism and decorative. I have an open tutorial this Tuesday coming so I am also going to discuss it with another tutor then.

Here are some photos from this week, videos hopefully next week :)

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