Visual Artist based on the East Coast of Scotland. BA (Hons) / MFA Art & Humanities

Her latest exhibit is the MFA Masters Show 2018 which runs from 18th – 26th of August.

My work explores aspects of the human condition, playing predominantly with light, sound, and positive/negative space. I investigate through a variety of different mediums but always return to the energy, presence and frequency of light in various forms. The process of drawing and etching provides a way to map or detail the landscape and movement of thoughts inside my head, to explore the impermanence of a thought process through a permanent medium. I draw and etch channels and pathways forcing light through negative space, in turn creating positive space and the illusion of a solid line. Etchings depict lines of light merging, overlapping, meeting, twisting and bulging similar to neurons carrying information through passageways of electricity and chemicals. Freud’s writings on consciousness and its perceived ‘layers’ filter through my artistic process, inspiring me to find connections and interdependence between pieces. We are human beings filled with thoughts, yet thoughts are only part of what make us human.