Student Artist based on the East Coast of Scotland currently studying for a Postgraduate MFA degree in Art and Humanities at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.

Her latest exhibit was the Dundee University Duncan of Jordanstone’s Degree show, showing large scale laser etchings based on her experiences with dementia sufferers.

“I Used To Be Like You A Long Time Ago” Mrs I, Dementia Sufferer 2016

My work explores different aspects of the human condition – I aim to take these intangible concepts and transform them into accessible images through photographic manipulation and modern techniques. After running art workshops for adults with dementia I realised that as a society we have a habit of closing our eyes and ears to the reality of those living with the disease. I aim to challenge the way we perceive the people who live with it, aspiring to inject humanity back into the clinical outline of dementia – to see past the disease itself. Using pressed flowers from the Dundee University Herbarium Collection I have created laser etchings inspired by Dr Alosyius Alzheimer’s initial illustrations of tangles in the brain, the main cause of dementia. I drew parallels between these collections and the disease, both trapped in a moment in time. Altered yet still beautiful. The glitches and tangles in the brain are only part of who these people are. The soul, personality and presence are still there, ever changing and shimmering before us. Disordered, yet still tangible.


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  1. Thanks so much for your follow on Tide Line Still Life, Amy. I hope my photos continue to delight you, and I look forward to perusing your wonderful work. You have a terrific eye! Next week I am visiting the Borders and hope to spend some time walking the tide line at Cocklawburn. Stay tuned! Best, Maggie

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  3. Just a quick message to say thanks for following my blog. Today I reached 300 followers. i know that’s not much of a milestone for many bloggers, but I really do appreciate every single person who appreciates something about my photos or thoughts enough to follow my blog, especially when it’s creatives such as yourself. Thanks again!

  4. Really great stuff. My favorite are the photo abstractions, although it is obvious that you are multi-talented. It’s always great to see a fellow artist expressing their vision. (Thanks for visiting my page too, and check out my art if you haven’t hehe.)

  5. Hi, Amy! Thanks so much for dropping by Incidental Thinking today…and for letting me know you enjoyed my post. I’m so glad it’s led me here….I think your work is wonderful! I’ll be a frequent visitor.

  6. Hi Amy, thanks for following my blog, so I came over to look at yours. You have some wonderful work here and I am looking forward to seeing more of it so I am following you too now. Lucky you to still be at art school, make the most of it! I was at Exeter College of Art many years ago. Sue

  7. Love love that you are so professional in your art form. Some of the graphic design really rings a bell for me that you “get it”. You should TOTALLY include more from your sketch book and figure drawings!!! Please I beg. Thanks for your time and feel free to keep in touch! Artful air hug.

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