Inverted Flowers

Unsure where to go next with my project I went to get some research photographs at Dundee University’s Museum Services. This is a really incredible small building that houses many different collections that belong to the University. These can range from scientific instruments, zoology collections, textiles and even mathematic models. The service is run by Matthew Jarron who was extremely patient with letting me take photographs. What I was interested in specifically was the herbarium where they store thousands of plant samples.

Of course when I got there I realised I hadn’t a clue what flowers or plants I actually wanted to look at. I ended up asking Matthew to find me some from the area where I lived and from the Panmure area where I did my second year project. They ended up being incredibly lovely and I was extremely happy with the photographs. I played about with them for a bit and decided they looked best inverted with a black background. Working on manipulating them further. These are only a small sample of what I edited!


3 thoughts on “Inverted Flowers

  1. Amy, I contacted you a little while ago asking your permission to use your beautiful video of Panmure Estate; I’m not sure if you ever recvd it? I live on the estate and am one of the residents opposed to the House of Music festival planned for this June. We have a fb page Friends of Panmure and would love to post it there – obviously citing filmaker. The video is sensitively filmed and captures the unique environ that it is, and should be protected. Thanks Sandra

    • Hi Sandra, first off sincere apologies as I never received the contact email. Please feel free to use the video and link to here – thank you for asking first! The film was never intended as a final piece of artwork; rather it was a culmination of research I had done that year. Feel free to share the photographs I had taken here and the other video work I made here . It is indeed a beautiful place :)

      • Thanks, Amy, you’re a star – when I’m rich I’ll buy some of your artwork – good luck, but I’m sure that you don’t need it – I’m hoping to start PhD at Dundee Uni in Sept in English dept. Sandra

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