Reflections on 2015 and Artistic Direction for 2016

Wow, what a year 2015 has been. Four grades, two exhibitions and one tired student! I really feel like I am finding a foothold now artistically and I am ready to get working again in 2016.

The first semester of third year was really a time of pure artistic experimentation for me. In first and second year I was so focussed on photography that I didn’t get a chance to try all the new technology that was available to me. I definitely ‘scratched that itch’ as it were (even breaking 5 machines in the process *coughcough) and learned that some techniques worked for me (vinyl cutter, laser cutter) and some didn’t.

Reflecting on my feedback from this semester is important – even though I achieved a very good grade it is paramount to know what worked and what failed as concepts. One of the comments mentioned was that the staff weren’t sure what was more important in my work: the data collecting or the actual work itself. I have to admit that the data collecting was more of an afterthought and although it worked with that specific body of work, it is not the main point of the pieces and I will be sure to think this over in future.

Some random ideas to carry forward into 2016…:

1) The Myth, Mystery and Meaning module really got me thinking about using symbolism in my drawings. If I could try and somehow combine abstract and symbolic images with photography.

2) Working on a large scale. It reminded me of the large painting I created in first year and how much I have missed working on that kind of scale.

3) Trying to combine photography and drawing. Researching further artists that inspire me: Emilie Pugh, Kymia Nawabi and Joletta Thorburn (whose wonderful piece ‘Embrace’ is hanging right outside my studio so no excuses for lack of inspiration!)

4) Smoke painting on a larger scale? Or perhaps using incense instead…

5) Start reading up on dream psychology again… I miss that project from first year!

So there’s my thoughts for the last hours of 2015 – can’t wait to get back in the studio again! Have a happy new year everyone! (the photograph below is from a series I never got around to finishing… might go back to it!)


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