Assessment Time…

By the time this post is published hand in will be completed and all I can do now is wait for the results. My body of work this semester really pushed me to experiment in terms of materials and techniques. I’ve tried so many techniques i’ve never tried before (Laser cutting, vinyl cutting etc) and it’s great to know that I now have these in my artist’s toolkit to use. My woodworking skills improved too – I even made the shelves to hold the light boxes which I would have never done before.

My theme focused on human ability to create even through pain and repetition while comparing this to the different machine efforts to recreate my drawing. Even though they are all very different outcomes I do like the harmony between them all. There is something nice in the conjunction between human ability to programme a machine and the machines interpretation of the artwork.

Pieces shown include: 1 Laser cut plaque, 1 A0 Enso drawing, 2 wood mounted vinyl cutter pen drawings, 1 acrylic laser cut light box, 1 framed time sheet, 1 framed moth photograph, 1 tracing paper light box, 1 paper vinyl cutter glitched drawing and 1 vinyl cutter pen test strip.




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