Large Scale Work

Samye Ling: Enlightenment

This particular piece was inspired by my trip to Samye Ling Buddhist retreat in Eskdalemuir, Scotland, in 2011. In particular, the ‘wishing tree.’ The idea was that you were supposed to take a rag and tie it on a branch of the tree. When the rag fell from the tree it meant your wish was fulfilled. My wish was that I would get into Duncan of Jordanstone, and here I am! While I am very skeptical that the wishing tree had anything to do with my acceptance (more my extreme hard work than anything) I thought it appropriate to make a painting inspired by the event. The final painting was portraying the white fabric I tied on the tree and the overall calming atmosphere of the Buddhist retreat.

The final piece was 1.5 x 1.3m

Oil and Acrylic paint over black gesso on paper.

buddhist monk copy whiterag copy






SAM_5047 copy





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