Endurance (2013)


This piece was based on the theme ‘Ice.’ My idea with this piece was to represent the struggle between human force and the force of nature. The ink represents the method in which scientists use to track icebergs, but ultimately the ice overcomes (water dilutes the ink as the iceberg melts.) I also created the soundtrack by responding musically with my guitar to my body movements in the film and then combining with the film footage. Altogether it took about an hour and a half for the ice to fully melt – a lot of patience on my part as well as pain – hence the title Endurance. I received an A2 for this project.

2 thoughts on “Endurance (2013)

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed perusing your blog – see a lot in common: cats, Nutella, a love of art first and foremost and a most eclectic approach to art. Kudos!

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