So Many Updates…

These last few weeks have been pretty crazy after the degree show.

1)  I Graduated.

Yesterday I officially graduated with my First Class Honours Degree. It was a really great day and so great to finally get my degree certificate.

2) I have an unconditional acceptance to study a Master’s Degree at DJCAD. 

I still feel like I have so much left to explore of my artistic process, and thankfully I’ve been given the chance to do so. The Art and Humanities course is run by Professor Mary Modeen who won the Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching, so I reckon I’m in safe hands.

3) I will be showing in Art Pistol’s ‘Best of Scottish Art Graduates 2017’ show. 

It opens this Saturday (June 24th) and is on for 4 weeks. Every year they select 10 new artists from the Scotland’s degree shows to take part.  Last weekend I moved my work down there and so got to have a little look at the gallery. It’s a lovely little select gallery situated in Cresswell Lane in the west end of Glasgow. I’m really excited to be showing my frames from degree show there and also some etchings that I had stored away. Here is the Facebook event if anyone is in the area I would love to meet you there – Art Pistol Best of Scottish Graduates 2017.


So that’s what I’ve been up to these past few weeks. Here are some photo highlights! I will write a blog post next week about how the Art Pistol opening went, I’m excited to show you all and it’ll be interesting to see my work in a space out with DJCAD.


I simply cannot wait to start my Master’s Degree and take you all on my MFA journey. I’ve had so much fun documenting my Bachelor’s Degree on here. It has not only been cathartic to document the week’s events but also useful as I can look back and see progress visually.

Until then, have a great week :)





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