I’m Back – Inverted Ferns #1

It seems I always start these posts with some kind of apology for procrastinating in regards to blog posts. It seems my aim of one blog post a week was rather ambitious given my busy schedule, so once again I am sorry for that. What I can say is I absolutely definitely have posts for THE NEXT THREE WHOLE WEEKS, so prepare yourselves for an image overload.

This latest series is a continuation of my Inverted Flowers series. This time after a consultation with my tutor I decided to look at ferns because of their adaptive nature, similar to how the mind adapts in different situations. I gave them the same treatment as the flowers: monochrome then inverted. I love the different structures of the plants and how they almost look like references to x-rays of the human form, limbs and bones. I once again must thank the Dundee University Museum Services for the access to their amazing collection and allowing me to spend time poring over the fantastical botanical pressings.

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