Earthly Grounding

Sorry for the radio silence, i’ve been pretty busy these last few weeks and am currently ill so have felt a bit like i’ve been walking in a haze! These images are from a recent photoshoot focused on the female form combined with botanics from the previous post. I’ve been looking into the theme of dementia recently and have discovered three elements that are lost to the condition:

Earthly Grounding, Spirituality and Mental Clarity.

I have been looking into various ways of visually representing these terms that we don’t often think about including: sacred geometry, botanics, lines and focus.

For my dissertation I am hoping to write about how art therapy can help patients regain these three elements so my work would contrast nicely with the writing.

Also experimenting with a new photograph upload resolution so as to save space but still give a good quality image – let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “Earthly Grounding

  1. The abstract fragmentation really represents the condition to me. My mother suffered from Alzheimer’s and for the last few years barely communicated at all. Music and poetry could sometimes get a response. But all that was the person before…that fades away and becomes disconnected from the environment and human relationships. (K)

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