Light Box Making…

I debated a while ago on whether or not I would make a light box to house my acrylic in, but on seeing the finished piece on acrylic I knew it would be a crime not to make use of the beautiful pattern. One thing I didn’t quite expect however was how arduous the task would be! I made light boxes for the exhibition in October  but obviously I wanted to improve on my woodworking skills as those ones were made very quickly and weren’t the best quality.

After cutting my piece of acrylic I measured wood for the sides. I decided to have them adjoining at 45 degree angles at the corners so it was pretty tricky getting the fit exact (especially as the acrylic wasn’t completely square.)  Once that was complete I then painted the side pieces – black on the outside and white on the inside in order to reflect the light better. After they had dried I went to the wood workshop and coated the outside with black wax to give a really nice finish. The corners were then fixed together with wood glue and a nail gun. Clamps were put in place to hold the whole thing together.


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