Laser Cutting Acrylic

After practising laser cutting wood I decided to go ahead and laser cut something that would hold together better. I had been searching for materials and found some lovely shiny black acrylic in the art shop. It was around £8 for a large square piece which I found a tiny bit expensive but luckily SAAS money came in so I was able to buy it. I was pretty scared because there was really no room to mess up unlike the wood where there were plenty of spare pieces to test on. Also in the DJCAD Make Lab the laser cutters are in high demand meaning you can only book a one hour slot at a time. There was only one laser cutter that fit my piece of acrylic so I had to book four sessions almost three weeks in advance it was so popular! Because I only had an hour each day it meant I had to split up the large circle into 4 quarters and laser cut a quarter each day. I wasted a few slots because I messed up my file – the line weight wasn’t 0.01 which was making the whole file massive and not transferring to the machine! Once I figured out the problem it was quite simple and I used the settings Power= 100% and Speed=3.5%

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