Aces Sketchbook Exhibition

So you may remember I helped in a sketchbook workshop in June with Aces. This month Aces decided to hold an exhibition with some sketchbooks that the students had continued to fill over the summer break. A couple of us DJCAD students helped with the process over the whole day which included the organisation of space, planning and hanging of works of art and a creation of a handout leaflets to guide the visitors. I think the students enjoyed themselves and it was a great experience for them to get the hang of the computer software like Photoshop. Also for them to have first hand experience in curating an exhibition is a real bonus – you may remember I was super stressed about my exhibition in February and maybe if i’d have had an experience like this it wouldn’t have been such a long process for me! The exhibition is running in the DJCAD reception and is free entry so if anyone is in the area feel free to pop in and have a gander :)

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