Tips for Wacom Bamboo Users

When I first bought my Wacom bamboo tablet, the first thing that concerned me was the nibs for the pen. I liked the thickness and the size of them as i felt it gave me more precise control but there were a few issues. Firstly the hard plastic scraped the tablet. It was probably to do with the weight I was applying on the pen. Secondly, the nibs weren’t lasting. I went through my first one in under a month with the frequency I used my tablet. I didn’t want to keep buying new nibs as they are quite expensive so I came up with a solution. I found some trimmer nylon wire (similar to this) which was the same thickness as the nibs. All i did after that was cut the wire to the correct size and insert where the nib would normally be. I sanded down the rough edges afterwards and that was it. It works with the same precision as the bamboo nibs except this has lasted me TEN MONTHS. I’ve never had to replace it. It is also extremely smooth on the tablet and doesn’t damage it in any way. So the next time you go to buy new nibs consider using this method instead and save yourself a bunch of money! wacom

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