Back To Basics


Experimenting with some elements of photography I started at the beginning of the 4 week project but felt were unresolved. Focusing particularly on leaves and the structures within nature including seed pods.

2 thoughts on “Back To Basics

  1. Hi, thank you for stopping by my blog. I have really enjoyed exploring the art on yours. I particularly was intrigued by your silver stone project. would love to hear what was the response it generated amongst park visitors. will definitely be dropping by again! Your approach to art is definitely very interesting.

    • Thank you for taking a look at my work! The response while I was placing them was generally one of intrigue. I went back the next day to see what changes had occured. Some of them were in the same places, some of them were gone (presumably people had taken them) and some of them had been rearranged. It was a very interesting project. Thanks again :)

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